What is AGRI-CAL and super-cal?

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Super-Cal: two 2.5 gallon containers per box.

plus shipping & handling and tax where applicable.

Agri-Cal: 275 gallon mini-tote.

plus shipping & handling and tax where applicable.

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Do you feed the soil or do you just feed the plant?

  • Calcium is the fundamental Component of Plant Structures. Super Cal puts what you have Available to Work for you.
  • Super Cal is 10% Liquid Calcium - A “Calcium saturated chelating Agent that is a true Solution. It breaks down tied up Calcium in the Soil to make It Available for Use by your Plants. It Converts your Unavailable Assets and makes it Available to help you grow your crops better.

Benefits To YOU

  • Enhances other Nutrient Availability such as Nitrogen & Phosphorous.
  • Immediately Available to the Plant.
  • Intervenes in formation of Cell Walls (improves quality)
  • Thicker Cell Walls protect the Plant against Pathogens
  • Reduces Soil Acidity
  • Promotes Root Development
  • Benefits General Biological Activity
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • It is a Secondary messenger sending signals that regulate Plant Growth.
  • It enhances Shelf-life of your crop.
  • Problems Solved.- Lack of Avalable Calcium
  • Its deficiency often provokes Black Heart in Celery, Tip Burn in Lettuce, and Blossom End Rot in Tomatoes.

Availability is the Key to Results

A "calcium saturated chelating agent" that is a true solution. Agri-Cal flows easily through ordinary field spray equipment or irrigation systems.

Totally and immediately available to growing plants.

100% water soluble and does not have to go through biological breakdown. Agri-Cal is formulated with a proprietary blend of organic acids that go to work in the breakdown of insoluble or "trapped" calcium which is already in the soil converting it into an available form which the crops can utilize. By using Agri-Cal literally hundreds of pounds of insoluble calcium per acre can be brought into solution insuring that the growing plant has an adequate supply. The increase in available calcium improves the availability and uptake of other important crop nutrients as well as making it easier to work with the soil through improved tilth. This also allows for better soil aeration and water movement.

Also a source of soluble calcium...about 10% by weight/volume, and unlike many other calcium sources, Agri-Cal will not become readily tied up with other minerals in the soil, but will remain available.
Will show first season results instead of waiting 6–12 months for dry liming to begin working.

Why Is Available Calcium So Important?

  • Is a direct nutrient to growing plants
  • Neutralizes soil acidity
  • Improves activity of favorable soil bacteria and the decomposition of organic materials
  • Promotes root development
  • Improves soil structure
  • Promotes nitrogen fixation by legumes
  • Improves the efficiency of fertilizers and chemicals
  • Reduces phosphate fixation
  • Increases water penetration and water holding capacity

Super-Cal and Agri-Cal are the same product. Super-Cal is boxed in 2-2.5 gallon containers per box. Agri-Cal is in a 275 gallon mini-tote.

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